Well we were not quite prepared for the spectacular setting and the graciousness of all you have offered us--we are still on stimuli overload!! Thank you for the tour and this wonderful retreat far beyond our our expectations==our friend who couldn't join us missed the trip of a life time.
Barrett Family
Phoenix, Arizona April 2008

My family had a wonderful time this past weekend. There was so much to do, and so much that we had planned to do, that we couldn't take you up on your generous offer to come down for wine. A little (or a lot of) hiking, a little hot tubbing, a little wandering in the orchard and picking oranges, a lot of cooking, and the time just flew. I could have spent the whole time gazing out at the hills in their spring greenery and sitting under the lilac. We saw the resident quail and wild turkeys and heard the coyotes (and the frogs, who could miss the frogs). We loved the house - room for everyone to be together and to get away.
Thank you again for extending your time to us during our visit, and for creating such a wonderful place to gather!
Albany, California
March, 2008

Thank you for a magical week at Cottontail Creek Ranch.  Our visit was more than we had ever hoped, and each member of our extended family and friends found wonderful amusements, relaxation and memories. For Chris, Dax and me, it was fantastic.  Perhaps the most fantastic for Dax!  He has been telling everyone in Maine about Chop, Pumpkin, Muffin, the bulldozer, the fire truck and the backhoe.  The birth of the lambs has also gotten a lot of press.  He gets so excited that his stories fall over each other, and yesterday, he insisted on wearing his Cottontail Creek hat when we went out to shovel the snow (finally). The ranch is wonderful.  The hikes and rides (of all types)  were very special and brought my level of relaxation to a whole new state. When we rented the house, we never expected all of the extras and the incredible warmth you provided; and we truly appreciate it.
We all want to know if Pumpkin had her baby! I hope this was the first of more visits and a long friendship with you, and wish for you and yours a happy and healthy 2007.
Renee, Chris and Dax
Portland, Maine

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