Cottontail Creek Ranch Philosophy
“Think Globally, Act Locally” Buckminster Fuller

The Lyon family invites you to enjoy their home and to experience ranch style living. Roger and Susan and their family are passionate about the central coast and the environment. They have been active in preserving the historic ranching and open space qualities that make the central coast unique. Balancing ranching and farming while protecting the environment on the ranch and in their community is ever present on their minds.

Roger was also instrumental in making the conservation of the historic Hearst Ranch a reality. The resulting conservation easement permanently protects the 82,000 acre ranch surrounding famous Hearst Castle and provides public access to 18 miles of pristine California coastline.
Roger founded the Cayucos Land Conservancy which, with an active volunteer board and membership, continues efforts to create a green belt surrounding Cayucos. CLC holds a conservation easement on the Estero Bluffs State Park(4 miles of coastline north of Cayucos) and most recently purchased a conservation easement on the 900 acre San Geronimo Ranch with its 2 miles of ocean view overlooking Estero Bluffs directly across Highway One.

Roger and Susan carry forward this conservation ethic in their handling and implementing sustainable natural and organic practices on Cottontail Creek Ranch. If you are interested please ask them to share these practices which couple economically viable production of quality food while protecting the vast natural resources of the ranch.

Pictured is Estero Bluffs State Park, a successful partnership between State Parks of California and the CLC